Posted by: minz | November 11, 2009

I’m back! Smoke-free.

Exactly a month after my last post but it certainly feels like forever since I last blogged. Especially after a myriad of events that had transpired in that short span which effectively changed my life for good.

 Sofia turned four. In mummyworld that is equivalent to more headaches that I am equipped to handle. She shunned a Dora party for a Hannah Montana contending that she’s a “big girl” and that Nick Jonas is her boyfriend. What do I have left to say about that? But I just have to say that my daughter is ..beautiful. I don’t know what I’ve done in my past life to deserve such a sweet, loving, smart and fun child.  No matter what, I know I’m blessed.

The “no matter what” refers to unfortunate happenings that I’ve no special  immunity to. I lost a few cases in succession this past month. I’d concede a rookie mistake to one of them. That much I’d admit. But the rest I blame to good, old corruption in this country. I didn’t mind too much those which were office-related (though I shed a few tears over them) because I can always leave them on my desk when I clock out. But that errant and obviously BOUGHT decision declaring my election to the Board of Directors of our condo-owners association as illegal really hurt. You know that feeling when you know that you are doing the right thing and yet the forces that be make it so damn hard? So now I, and the rest the Board, are facing execution to which we struck our own people power by moving for a special election this Saturday. This whole fiasco had seriously affected my work, play –just my whole persona. For some reason, it also led to my sudden decision to..

Quit smoking.  Yep, I QUIT. Concomitant to my state of panic and depression, instead of puffing away the stress, I chose to drop it altogether. Beats me why. It’s like my whole body is rebelling against everything..bad, unhealthy, BULOK. That’s all. I pray that I pull this off. If I do, it would be my life’s most stellar achievement. Really.

On the lighter side, my Yanks won the 27th. I wanted to catch the first flight to JFK and join the parade. I realized I have very few passions in life: Lambda, mommyhood, blogging and the Yankees. I’ve turned Santi into a fan and he now wants to watch the Bombers live in Yankee Stadium. That’s in our bucket list as a couple and we will make that happen..but not next year because of the..

Wedding. It is turning out to be like an Ondoy relief nuptials. Since I have announced the date, Santi and I received , not only congratulatory messages, but also advanced presents from friends. To date, we are a proud  (and eternally touched) recipients of free pre-nuptial photos, videographer and a honeymoon to Singapore. And this wedding is still a year away! Like I posted in my facebook status, I must have done something good in my past life to have such great friends.  

In sum, this month, while almost toppling me over, is still a blessed one. And I am still heck of grateful. 


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