Posted by: minz | December 10, 2009

Christmas caught me flat-footed

It might be just me, thinking rashly again. But I’m considering retiring from blogging for awhile. A long while actually. I haven’t blogged in months,  not for lack of things to write about. On the contrary, I was snowballed. Overwhelmed. Run-over by events that I wasn’t able to..handle quite well. I sucked, acually. And it hurts me to realize how little I’ve learned from my …checkered past.

I guess that’s what gets me. Now, I find it difficult to pretend that everything is okay. Because it’s not. I’m not.

And it’s Christmas. In my life, everything just has to happen on Christmas which makes it even more depressing. 

I’m just tired in that I can’t even bring myself to write.


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