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Kim Clijsters, Mom and tennis champion

I’m an avid tennis fan and a rabid one of Rafael Nadal. I used to follow (with the same tenacity) the great Steffi Graf. I thought she brought women’s tennis to the highest level with her winning ways,  22  (if I remember it right) grand slams  and an Olympic gold in 1988. Her retirement in the late 90’s left a void in women’s Open tennis. Since then,  it seems like no one has dominated the sport or competed the way Steffi did.

Case in point. As I write, the world’s number one, Dinara Safina, has yet to win her first slam. (Thought that is not the poor kid’s fault more than it is of the ATP’s way of calculating points.) At any rate, that is the point exactly. Women’s tennis needed more oomph, more inspiration and I think Kim Clijsters’ comeback win at the U.S. Open provided that much needed boost. Now, fans like me have more reason to follow the tour 🙂


The fact that she has just given birth to her little one, Jada, just 18 months ago gave it more meaning. She joined the U.S. Open as a wild-card entry and never expected to get pass the initial rounds. She merely wanted to get the feel of competing again having gone into retirement in 2005.

 As a Mom, I can relate to how tough it for us to get back: In shape (goodness), to work, to whatever it is we were doing before we got pregnant. Some moms never get back to their life’s work. 

Kim’s victory is a testament to the resilience, inner courage and rugged persistence that mothers have.  What a comeback! What a Mom!

Good going Kim! I can hear Number One calling!

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I don’t know why there should even be a  lengthy discourse about this. And why Conrado De Quiros has to come up with his best editorials to push forward this candidacy. Even Star’s Alex Magno came up with his “Game Changer” series to explicitate why the “rules of the game” has changed. (To this, I beg to disagree, the rules never changed, it’s just that the players ceased to follow them).

In this coming elections, my family and I will vote for Noynoy Aquino because in serving the public, integrity is the bare minimum.

And casting one’s vote for the right person is much like doing the right thing, you don’t have to defend it until your arteries pop. For this reason, I scoff at how the administration posits that this election is not about Good vs. Evil.

In response, I concur with Mr. De Quiros.

It’s always been about Good vs. Evil.   And that makes this choice a no-brainer.


Noynoy for President!

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The Sofia Quotes

is fast gaining a following in facebook. I’ve been… implored by friends, her ninongs and ninangs to compile all her quotes into something. I still don’t know what exactly. But I’m giving it some thought because I don’t want to forget.Ever.

Here are her latest Sofia-nisms!


Me: Do you want to have a baby brother?

Sofia: But I already have a dog, Mum.


Me: Why do you write your name with two S’s?

Sofia: My hand wants to write two S! Mom.

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I hate goodbyes.

In the workplace especially. Aside from our families, we spend the most time with people at work which makes parting with them or them with us doubly hard. I’m not very good at it, too. So last Friday, when two of my office-mates worked their last day at the department, I waved a casual  “see-you-later” and went off to a hearing. Today I stared at their empty desks and felt guilty for not saying goodbye properly. But is there such thing?  Proper way to say goodbye?

Before I can even feel their departure, another co-lawyer informed the boss’s secretary of his intention to resign. Once again , I feel disheartened. To think that I’ve only spent a year in the job, it already seems like I’ve sat in my desk forever. Now I’ve to move to the room next to my cubicle about to be vacated by the latest “deserter.”

This along with the more important repercussions of their departure on my status here, having to move up  the ladder faster than I thought or even expected. As it stands right now, after their resignations, I became third-in-line to the boss. And I’m just 32. How is that possible? Just as I am bad with goodbyes, I don’t take promotions (or anything that connotes more work) too well. Even it means more pay. I value other special things in my life too much to bite more than what I can chew in the workplace.

But I’m overthinking when all that I am right now is sad. It’s true what they say, all things shall come to pass. And that includes people. And I’m a sentimental schmuck.

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Chef Tony’s caramel popcorn on the Up and Up!

Another long week-end is over and we thought best to just stay home this time around. Santi was looking forward to catching G-force, Pixar’s latest summer movie but after some googling, we learned that it won’t be out until next month. Last week-end, we had a fun time watching Up and I just realized how animated movies in Sofia’s generation tend to be more..serious and thought-provoking. Whatever happened to Beauty and the Beast and Lion King? Not that I’m complaining, maybe I’m just a bit more sentimental now that I’m a mother. Every scene transforms into a kleenex moment as far as I’m concerned.

While I was busy grabbing the kleenex, the two S’s dug into a tub of Chef Tony’s caramel popcorn. Sofia has taken a liking on “sweet” popcorn lately and she can smell it from a mile away. IMG_2602

That is probably the reason why she now has no front teeth and is poised to lose more in the next months. And at the rate Pixar is churning out these summer movies, goodbye milk-teeth!


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So I wore a gown after all. I realized it was harder to come up with a “simple”outfit than anything else so I gave up trying. The “black dress” came in handy once again, this time to Lambda’s 38th anniversary.


In my nine years as a Sigman, I had probably missed only two anniversary parties. One was when Santi and I were “off” as a couple (yes, that famous break-up) and the other was during my hiatus in New York. Apart from that, you can say that I am a serial  Lambda anniversary-party goer. I was just telling my friend and sis, Bebang, the other  day why I think I am this die-hard. I can only think of one reason. There are many things in my life that I was born into. Being a Filipino was one. Being a Prado was another. Even being inducted to the IBP was a choice I did not make–I had to be part of that group as condition precedent for practicing my profession. Even passing the bar was divine intervention, if you knew me and my study habits! It’s not to say that I am less proud of these “memberships”,  truly I am. I’m just saying that I had no hand , absolutely none, in belonging to my country , family or profession.


On the other hand, being a Rhoan is something I chose. Unconditionally, wholeheartedly and painstakingly. If only for these, I hold it close to my heart. And I know that I will honor my being its member for as long as I breathe. Reading this entry from the top, it now dawned on me that I can’t go on with what I had originally intended to write about this year’s celebration without ruining it. In the same manner that some who did not see it fit to value their “membership” tried to ruin the night. So I’ll end by saying that I’m lucky to be a Rhoan. I’m lucky to know that I am lucky. And I am lucky to be sure that the door to the most exalted sorority will never be slammed on my face.


For the Lambda Rho Sigma, the best!

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And I love you so…

With a stroke of luck and a bit of charm, I was able to persuade Santi to watch the newest Star Cinema movie with me. I’ve to admit that I wasn’t too keen on the Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby team-up, but because Kris Aquino heaped praises on their effort in this movie, I thought I’d give it a chance. Bea, as usual, was in her element.  (And she lost a lot of her baby fat, too!) I think she is the most significant actress of her generation. As for Sam, he has improved but still very far from the likes of Piolo Pascual or even Richard Gutierrez. To my mind, he has to polish his Tagalog before he can turn in an award-winning performance. (No offense to Samsters out there!)

Without getting into the details of the story (I’m no Butch Francisco), I loved the theme. Loving again after not just an ordinary heartbreak, but after a death of a loved-one. It was tough to swallow. I almost wanted to walk out of the cinema because a ball of tears was stuck in my throat. Having Santi beside me made it worst because I can’t imagine going about life without him.Call it cheesy, parmesan, whatever. It’s true. One does not need to be married to experience the pain of a loss that death brings.

I liked the part when Bea’s character was drinking herself to oblivion, ruing over why , after only five months of marital bliss, her husband was taken away. It made me me ponder about that thought: Who hurts more? Wives who had a lifetime with their husbands before Joe Black came along or those like Lara (Bea’s character) who was given only five short months with the love of her life?

I have yet to come up with an answer. Santi does not bother to assuage my fears because he’d prefer going first convinced that his wife is stronger than he can ever be. And should have a better chance of moving on than him. (He says this with the most serious , professor-like delivery, I was waiting for the power-point!) While he would be the worst widower in the face of this earth, so he says. Aww I love my Santi!

For all of you who have no solid plans this week-end, this is guaranteed to be worth your two hours. Bring your hubby, boyfriend, would-be boyfriend 🙂 It’s a movie-goer’s pleasure!

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Going to have a ball :)

I’m looking for something to wear for the Lambda anniversary on Sunday. The attire is “semi-formal to formal” which means anything goes. For some reason, I’m more inclined to showing up in slacks and a top than a long-flowing gown like last year’s. I’ll probably just wear a pair of fab stilettos to keep it spunky. Though the plan is to keep it simple, I don’t want to look drab and boring.

Oops, before I get carried away, am I allowed to write about WHAT I AM GOING TO WEAR TO THE LAMBDA PARTY HERE? WILL I EARN THE IRE OF MIGHTY BELEKOY YET AGAIN?

Lest I’d be admonished anonymously again,  I’ll end by saying this: I’m happy with the turn of events , with how everything was handled and how some people are now bearing the brunt of their foolish decisions.

And while I want to go on and on about it, I choose to be a dutiful wife to Santi and just smile and let it be.

At least ako makaka-attend sa anniversary, ang iba hinde. Sorry.

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Playing the part of a PTA Mum

I have less than half an hour to meet Sofia in school and attend her Linggo ng Wika Pistahan sa Poveda. I just came from a breakfast meeting with PTA mums who were also waiting for our girls’ 10:35 dismissal. If you knew me, you’d wonder how I’d survive chatting about bags, malls and grocery-shopping with anybody. I was never the kikay type. But surprisingly, I endured (with flying colors) two hours of “consumer” chatting with my co-moms. It wasn’t as tedious as I expected. Mums have ways of subsisting in the name of their children. And I’d like to think I’m getting the hang of “subsisting”

Anyhow, I wanted to get to know the parents of Sofia’s classmates and find out how they deal with Poveda’s  schedule of activities both for us parents and our daughters. I told them that if I had three Sofias (some of them do!), I wouldn’t know which to attend! There are simply too many. But I have no reason to complain, it is what Santi and I wanted for the little girl. We envisioned her participating in activities that she likes, whether it be just playing with her classmates or taking up hobbies like dancing (she’s in the Dance Club, goodness knows how she got into that) this semester. Poveda offers a variety of activities to choose from like piano, violin, taekwondo and swimming lessons. The stage-momma in me want her to try everything. But of course, I let her choose.

The school also sponsors Pixar movie premieres like “Up” and stage-plays like “Jack in the Beanstalk”. For parents, we are regularly invited to seminars and talks that center on child-rearing which I find very helpful to first-time parents like Santi and me. The class advisor keeps us updated through the yellow book with the events’ schedule so that we wouldn’t miss anything we signed up for. Our Class Parent Representative Paola (who is also a batchmate of mine in Ateneo, small world!) send us regular text reminders of the next event, show, talk or party. We are preparing for K-1 Fatima’ s Acquaintance Party next month at  Mcdonalds El Pueblo.  Hannah Montana is our theme 🙂

Although I still feel I’m worlds apart from my co-moms since most of them are stay-home moms, I’m happy to have had the pleasure of mingling with them. They make careers out of raising children. Amazing is what they are. It would do me well to pick up a tip or two about parenthood from these women.

And , boy, they do have nice bags.  


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Job offers, Job referrals,

I’m sitting in from of my computer trying very hard not to scream out all the pent-up feelings I’ve harbored this whole week. It didn’t start very well which I should have taken as a sign of how difficult the next days will be. I missed an MR deadline by 10 days. Totally slipped my mind. The case folder was buried underneath the newer ones that followed. But I should really not offer any excuses , it was my fault. As always, Santi came to my rescue. He rang up some friends who helped me work it out. Somehow, it was filed.

Just as I was thanking heavens for that little miracle, I received a piece of not-so-good news. We recently opened a lawyer position in the department and the staff intimated that the bosses preferred a male lawyer this time. I referred a friend who has been in dire need of a this kind of job given his deteriorating finances. I wanted to help him pay out loans borne out of being his family’s bread winner. I told all my other friends who were interested to give way just for this time, especially the girls. This morning I was informed  that the boss was impressed by an interview of a female applicant. I couldn’t hide my disappointment. Not so much because my friend was not chosen (they haven’t chosen anybody) but because they were open to female lawyers after all. E di sana nag -refer din ako di ba? Santi said I’m taking this job referrals too seriously, losing sleep and energy  over it. I just want to help.

Finally, Santi and I (well it’s more of myself mulling about it) are in the crossroads over his very own job offer from a friend in a certain Bureau of the government. Offer is good. Chief of Staff. Package can’t be more enticing. But Santi does not want it. I know that I struck gold when I married a very honorable man who stands by his principles. That’s just how Santi is made. And he feels that his ideals as a lawyer,as a person will be compromised if he accepts this job. He says I shouldn’t even give it a thought since it’s never going to happen. I simply want him to consider other options because I feel, as a wife, that he doesn’t get what he deserves at his current workplace. That’s all.


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